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Drawn – large-scale 3D printing solutions

Drawn – large-scale 3D printing solutions

Shifting paradigms : new perspectives are opening up...

Drawn was born as a result of our dream to locally produce custom-made furniture.
Things have taken a great shape, and we’ve built our own large-scale 3D printer named Galatea.
We’ are offering our own exclusive line of furniture for sale on www.drawn-shop.com, and are ready to make your interior design projects come to life.
Our goal is to make furniture differently, by keeping it simple: « To design is to make »
Are you ready to design?

Our latest creations

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Drawn, make different.

Drawn is our dream
come true.

And this is just the beginning...

Why Drawn?

“To design is to make !”

From the initial idea to the last stages of production, we’ll be with you for the entire life span of your project.
With Drawn, make differently.

Drawn is a tightly-knit team of highly experienced professionals. This synergy gives us the edge to serve your needs efficiently.
Our values :
We’re good listeners; our clients mean everything to us,
We’re passionate about making ideas come to life,
We think and make coherently, with consistency,
We stand by our word and act efficiently.

Our services

We're above all a start-up - our 3D printing services are tailored to suit your most ambitious projects. Let's build synergies together, and make your ideas come to life.

Drawn furniture

Drawn works with talented and avant-gardists Designers! We are proud to edit our own furniture range.
It shows our know-how about the technology we developped.
Our eShop www.drawn-shop.com allows you to order your unique pieces.
We are currently working on some new materials to give you even more possibilies!

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Interior architect and scenography projects

This is the great possibility of our technology : create some small series of pieces of furniture easily.
Thus we create some unique universe for restaurants, bars or other company headquarters. Or we build some remarkable pieces for scenography projects .
Either you are Designers of Interior Architects, or even Scenographers, feel free to propose us your project!

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Short-lived furniture

The material we use are fully recyclable. We therefore propose some furniture dedicated to a specific event.
We then take back the printed furniture, pound material and reuse in our process.
Your object created for a specific opportunity is much better environmental friendly.

Please send us your project for us to study it!

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The team

Drawn, a team designed to impress

We share great dreams - and great ambitions.

Our team

Life gave to Sylvain a Master of Science and Engineering diploma. Freshly graduated, he challenged it through an intense experience abroad devolping and managing some indutrial units.
Back to France in 2007, he experienced a real culture shock.
In 2012, he is back to shool to study entrepreneurship.
He meets a lots of people, creates its networks and drawn becomes a giant lego to assemble
Galatea was born in March 2014 and became worldwide famous by taking place at Maker Faire Paris in June 2014

Sylvain Charpiot

3D printing producer

Sylvain Charpiot is an open-minded engineer and entrepreneur.
He has gathered both experience and enthusiam over the years, by working in different countries and cultures.
Before drawn came to life, he could speak 7 languages. Today he also speaks is 3D design code!
Once back in France, he searched his mind for a project idea that would revive the will to create among his fellow citizens.
Slowly but steadily, the idea for Drawn started budding.
It’s now a fully-grown passion for him.

Galatea – large-scale 3d printer

Robot / furniture printer

Galatea, our large-scale 3d printer was born of a will to optimally gather people, technologies, and know-how.
It was designed and built solely thanks to Sylvain’s personal funding efforts, and is the result of 2 years of research.
The name is that of an ivory sculpture made by Pygmalion, a mythological Greek sculptor. Pygmalion fell in love with his creation and asked Aphrodite to bring it to life in order to make the sculpture his wife.
Galatea is one of those artefacts you can’t help but want to give life to.

  • Sylvain is a surpringly creative person. It was a pleasure for me to provide him with some space within my factory in order to help him bring Drawn to life.

    — Franck Fumey, CEO, marmonier —
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Drawn is currently working on an important project for its development. We will answer to your sollicitation for projects matchnig with our current pivot.

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