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Drawn once again in “France 3 Rhône-Alpes” !

Hello everyone !


After a first interview in 2014, Drawn had once again the honor to be interviewed by “France 3 Rhône-Alpes” ! But this time, we were in “Rhône-Alpes matin” ! Focus on this interview !

Drawn : An hyper local and personalized production


At the beginning of the interview, Sylvain returns to the reasons which brought him to create Drawn.

He then explains that it is after 7 years of expatriation and several outsourcings, that he wished to return to his roots. Indeed, grateful for his educational background, he wanted to honor his country of origin, by being part of its renewed industry. So, he decided to produce hyper locally to fight against outsourcing. From this will was born Drawn.

But for Sylvain, Drawn also represents the wish to make on-demand and entirely customizable furniture, from material to color. Thus, he desires to create unique creations !


Drawn : A very specific process


As you must know, you Drawn fans, our whole process comes from Galatéa. This robot is unique in France and has only one clone around the world. Galatéa uses recycled, blank, and 100% recyclable plastic marbles. Thus, plastic can be reused and remodeled, to make a whole new creation. The process used by Galatéa is called “3D printing by hot wire deposit”. The robot makes your creations by depositing in successive layers rims, which naturally weld when heated. Galatéa is totally autonomous and can produce our ASIT seat model in an hour and a quarter.

bot_OPTI    2015-04-15-19.47.44Galatéa-en-action

Drawn : New products soon distributed in-store


According to Sylvain, Drawn is a constantly evolving company ! Now, his aim is to distribute his creations in stores and then exhibit them in his own shops. The furniture will then be produced live, so that everyone can see Galatéa’s clones, making the creation of his dreams.

But Drawn evolution also means the products one ! Indeed, they are currently sold in a raw state but can eventually be smoothed and composed of wood, flax or hemp fibers. Thus, they will be totally different to the touch !


Meanwhile, if you want to buy our products, please visit our online shop !

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Thank you very much to “France 3 Rhône-Alpes” for this new interview !

We will return to you soon for more news about Drawn ! 😉