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Hi everyone !

Today, Drawn was behind the microphone for TLM to introduce the “Great Stadium” lions !
Let’s come back to this interview !

The “Great Stadium” lions and the whole Drawn team were today before the cameras of the French channel of Lyon.

Thus, Sylvain came back to this big project, which represents a World First !
Indeed, it is the first time that such statues are made in 3D.

Drawn founder first showed how Galatéa makes the various pieces of the statues and gave some informations about the statues.
He then broached the size and the composition of the four lions.

Behind the microphone for TLM, Sylvain also spoke about what this project means for him and for his startup.

The workshop and the whole Drawn team were also under the spotlight, as we can see all the people participating in this huge project, working hard on the lions to come. As well as Galatéa. 😉

The first lion was thus revealed and currently takes center stage in the “Great Stadium” of the “Olympique Lyonnais” Park.
The three others will follow by April.

Without further delay, discover the interview below :

We want to warmly thank TLM and especially Clémence Delarbre for this interview !

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Hello everybody !

Today, Drawn and the “Great Stadium” lions have the place of honor in the “Locales” section of the 20 Minutes Lyon daily newspaper !

The Lyon daily newspaper has dedicated an article to the four lions of the “Great Stadium”.
Thus, it first introduces the first blue lion, which takes center stage in the north stand entrance.

He then comes back to this huge project, which represents a World First, as Sylvain tells to the newspaper,
“no such huge pieces have ever been 3D printed so far”.

Sylvain and the journalist Caroline Girardon also broach the course of the project, from its origins to its achievement.
The video presenting these four lions prototype, thus illustrates the article.

Finally, Sylvain comes back to its journey and to Drawn origins.
He concludes on his desire to make France « a true reference in large-scale 3D printing ».

To discover the whole interview (in French only), please visit this webpage. Otherwise, here is an overview :

Credits : 20 Minutes Lyon

Credits : 20 Minutes Lyon

Thank you very much to “20 Minutes Lyon” for this article !
The whole Drawn team is very proud to see her project having the place of honor !

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Hi everybody !

Today, Drawn has the place of honor on the German blog dedicated to 3D printing, !

In his article, Phillip Paul, one of the blog writers, first broaches Drawn origins and model.

He thus presents our offer, which includes ephemeral furniture and objects manufacturing, for a special event.
Once the event is over, these ones can be recycled and reintroduced in the production process.

So, the writer insists on the central place that eco-responsibility holds in our concept.

More generally, in its article the blog deals with all Drawn values, when it handles our eco-social, economical and eco-creative,
besides ecological project.

The blog concludes its article with the “Great Stadium” lions project and the first blue lion arrival.

It thus broaches the dimensions of each one of the statues and develops the economical and ecological character of the project.
Indeed, as Sylvain explains, this project implies no material waste and the delivery times only depend on the production and not transportation, since the “Great Stadium” is located nearby Drawn workshop.

Finally, Phillip Paul comes back to the production course and the statues composition, and announces that the red, gold, and white three other lions, will take center stage in the “Great Stadium” by April.

Thank you very much to 3D-DRUCKEN for this very comprehensive article !
It is a pleasure and an honor, to see Drawn cross the borders !

To read the article (in German only), please visit this webpage. Otherwise, here is as usual an overview :

Credits : 3D-DRUCKEN

Credits : 3D-DRUCKEN

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Hi everyone !

Today, Drawn has the honor and the pleasure to present its new robot, lent by the brand KUKA !

We have spoken about our project to create Galatéa replicas, for a long time now.
Well, know that, that’s it ! Galatéa finally has a little sister !

Smaller, lighter, and orange, Drawn presents its new robot, lent by the brand KUKA until the end of April !

Thus, this new 3D printer will help Galatéa to make Drawn creations !

In fact, her little sister has already created her first ASIT seat, on last February 9th !
And we can say that she made it in her image, since it is orange, white, grey and black !

This new robot also worked on the “Great Stadium” lions !
Thus, it has taken over from Galatéa, on one of the biggest Drawn’s project !

Her first two creations having been made successfully, we can say that this new 3D printer, succeeded in proving she is as efficient as her big sister !
So, no favoritism and no jealous ! 😉

We welcome this new robot and hope that it will perfectly fit in with the Drawn team ! 😉

Without further delay, we now let you discover Galatéa little sister, in video ! :

Thanks to KUKA, it is thus one of the biggest Drawn’s project which comes true !

So we want to warmly thank KUKA for lending us their robot until the end of April !
Thanks to them, not only a dream comes true but the production is progressing twice as fast !

We are really thrilled to have introduced you to Galatéa first little sister and we hope that dozens of others will be born soon !

In any case, when others will come, we won’t fail to let you know !

Stay tuned for more news about Galatéa and her little sister ! 😉

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Hi everyone !

Today, Drawn is proud to announce that we made the marketing totem prototype, of spectacle trade
startup Netlooks ! Focus on this new project !

Drawn : Zoom in on the Netlooks startup !

Before speaking of Drawn role, let’s come back to the context !
For those who don’t know Netlooks, here are some explanations. 😉

Netlooks is a Nancy spectacle trade startup founded in 2014, which completely revolutionizes the optics market !

Indeed, its concept is based on a total personalization of the spectacle frames, from the colors and patterns, to the arms, through to faces. Thus, we can create our own personalized and unique spectacle frame, among a million of possible combinations.

Moreover, the spectacle frames are entirely made in France.
But what is really revolutionary, is above all the way to choose one’s glasses !

Indeed, it is based on the 3D modeling and fitting. Thus, after a particularly-functions tablet had recorded millions of data about your morphology, you can see all the spectacle frames of your choice, on your 3D avatar. In this way, you create your tailor made and suited spectacle frame, and you will see much more easily, if the glasses suit you or not.

No more ill-suited spectacle frames, chosen by default after long fittings !
With Netlooks, it’s now time for personalized, tailor-made, and local spectacle frames !

Drawn creates Netlooks’ marketing totem !

As the French newspaper “Vosges Matin” dealt with, to promote its innovative concept, Netlooks founder, Pierre Andrieu, decided to implement a marketing campaign based on a range of totems.

So, these are glasses-shaped goodies, frontage signs, and giants totems, which have been thought out by two students of the French school “ENSTIB” (which means Higher National School of Wood Technologies and Industries), as part of their final projet assignment.

From a cardboard, then digital and finally 3D model, Benjamin Degardin and Alexandre Lecocq have thus designed two totem prototypes : a scale model aimed at goodies and frontage signs, and a bigger model aimed at street marketing.

Thanks to the 3D printing, the totems can be custom-made and produced by the piece.
Thus, they can vary infinitely, as Benjamin Degardin precises.
So just as Netlooks glasses (with a million of combinations, we can almost speak about infinite, can’t we ? 😉 ) !
And since with the 3D printing, the creations can be melted and then reused in the production process, besides of being able to vary infinitely, these totems are also recyclable !

To make produce their prototypes, the two students wanted to work with an organization which thinks out its creations as the startup : customizable, tailor-made, based on the 3D technology, and local.

So, that is naturally that they chose Drawn, to make produce the giant totem model, aimed at street marketing. 😉
As for the scale model, it was made in the “Fab Lab” of Lorraine university in Nancy and in the Golbey “Labo”.

We warmly thank “Vosges Matin” for its article ! To know more on this project, feel free to read it (in French version only) !

Now, discover without further delay, the result of these two prototypes, in pictures ! :

Credits : Vosges Matin

Credits : Vosges Matin

Crédit : Vosges Matin

Crédit : Vosges Matin

We warmly thank Pierre Andrieu, Benjamin Degardin and Alexandre Lecocq, for having chosen Drawn as a partner, to make one of their marketing totem prototypes !
It was a pleasure and an honor to make a creation for a twin company, with its concept and its values.
Also between startups, it is normal to help each other ! 😉

Pierre Andrieu being satisfied of the prototype, we hope that other totems will be soon printed by our friend Galatéa !
Especially as more stores are to come … ! 😉

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We will return to you very soon for more news about Drawn !

Hello everyone !


After a first interview in 2014, Drawn had once again the honor to be interviewed by “France 3 Rhône-Alpes” ! But this time, we were in “Rhône-Alpes matin” ! Focus on this interview !

Drawn : An hyper local and personalized production


At the beginning of the interview, Sylvain returns to the reasons which brought him to create Drawn.

He then explains that it is after 7 years of expatriation and several outsourcings, that he wished to return to his roots. Indeed, grateful for his educational background, he wanted to honor his country of origin, by being part of its renewed industry. So, he decided to produce hyper locally to fight against outsourcing. From this will was born Drawn.

But for Sylvain, Drawn also represents the wish to make on-demand and entirely customizable furniture, from material to color. Thus, he desires to create unique creations !


Drawn : A very specific process


As you must know, you Drawn fans, our whole process comes from Galatéa. This robot is unique in France and has only one clone around the world. Galatéa uses recycled, blank, and 100% recyclable plastic marbles. Thus, plastic can be reused and remodeled, to make a whole new creation. The process used by Galatéa is called “3D printing by hot wire deposit”. The robot makes your creations by depositing in successive layers rims, which naturally weld when heated. Galatéa is totally autonomous and can produce our ASIT seat model in an hour and a quarter.

bot_OPTI    2015-04-15-19.47.44Galatéa-en-action

Drawn : New products soon distributed in-store


According to Sylvain, Drawn is a constantly evolving company ! Now, his aim is to distribute his creations in stores and then exhibit them in his own shops. The furniture will then be produced live, so that everyone can see Galatéa’s clones, making the creation of his dreams.

But Drawn evolution also means the products one ! Indeed, they are currently sold in a raw state but can eventually be smoothed and composed of wood, flax or hemp fibers. Thus, they will be totally different to the touch !


Meanwhile, if you want to buy our products, please visit our online shop !

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Thank you very much to “France 3 Rhône-Alpes” for this new interview !

We will return to you soon for more news about Drawn ! 😉

Hi everyone !


Today, Drawn is really proud to announce that we won the 2015 Artinov contest prize, in the “High Technology and Technology” category ! Back to the pictures !

Drawn : Zoom in on the Artinov contest !


For those who don’t know this contest, here are some explanations. 😉

Artinov is a contest organized by our local Chambers of Trades and Crafts. These ones select the craft firms, which distinguish themselves by their capacity to innovate. The Artinov contest includes four categories : « Trades », « Product », « Production Process » and « High Technology and Technology ».

Its main goal is to promote innovation and technological development in these companies. The contest then highlights a business plan, which is part of an economic development strategy.

Thus, Artinov offers to craft firms a regional notoriety and then allow them to be recognized with their clients and their partners.

Drawn : Winner of the 2015 Artinov Contest


As you know, Drawn distinguishes itself by its innovative concept : the production of 3D printed and entirely recyclable furniture.

Thus, we had the honor to be selected by our local Chamber of Trades and Crafts.

Today, Drawn is now nominated winner in the “High Technology and Technology” category !

So, I want to warmly thank the Rhône Chamber of Trades and Crafts for this award, which represents years of work and passion.

Thank you also for these wonderful trophy and diploma :


Thank you as well to “Le Progrès”, which honor us once again in an article about our victory !

If you want to read it, please visit this webpage. Otherwise, find as usual an overview below :


And for those who wouldn’t know very well Drawn yet, here is our presentation video, made on the occasion of the contest :

If you love Drawn, you can of course purchase our products on our online shop !

And feel free to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube… In short all our pages ! 😉

That’s it ! Once again, heartfelt thanks to the Rhône Chamber of Trades and Crafts !
We are very proud of this distinction ! Let’s hope that it’s only the beginning and that the next ones will flow ! 😉

We will return to you soon for more news about Drawn ! ☺

Hello everybody !


Here we go ! The festive season is coming fast !
Soon Santa Claus will come to put a multitude of gifts under our trees – who knows maybe some of them will be Drawn’s creations ?! – and Galatéa wants to be sure to receive hers !

This year, our friend thus wanted to have her own Christmas Tree and above all to decorate it !

And as a 3D printer, Galatéa had to use her own equipment !
Her arm and her famous filaments thus allowed to create wonderful garlands, in Drawn way !

In flashed colors which characterize us, these ones have revolutionized the traditional Christmas Tree !
Thus, with Drawn, even Christmas is in 3D !

Let’s have a look ! :

Drawn and Galatéa wish you a very happy holiday season ! We hope that Santa Claus will be very generous – and especially about our creations – ! 🙂

In fact, if you want them to find their place under your tree, know that it’s still time to purchase them on our online shop !

Also find us on the social networks, on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest pages… In short, all our pages ! 😉

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See you next year ! 😉

Hello everyone !


That’s it ! It’s time for festive season ! The effervescence, the Christmas songs, the gifts purchase… And the holiday season means necessarily the Christmas decorations ! Every year, the streets are full of them and dazzle ! And this year, Drawn decided to participate in these illuminations, by making Christmas lights for the “Rue du commerce”, in Paris !

Drawn : 3D printed and entirely recyclable Christmas lights


This year, Drawn created Christmas lights dedicated to decorate the “Rue du commerce”, in the 15th arrondissement of Paris ! ! Full of diverse and varied stores, this street is always very lively during the holidays. So it is particularly decorated and lighted up by the storekeepers and thus plunge the visitors into Christmas magic ! Drawn loves the Christmas spirit ! It was therefore naturally that Galatéa wanted to make Christmas lights to light up THE street, which makes it revive every year !

Below you can admire her beautiful creations, hanging in the “Rue du commerce” :

Here are also the production pictures :

And for all local people who read this, maybe you had the chance to see our Chrismas lights for real ?! If so, don’t hesitate to tell us what you think about them, on the social networks ! We would be thrilled to know your opinion !

Drawn achieves a world first !


By making these lights, Drawn thus achieves a world first ! That’s right ! Before Drawn, no Christmas light was ever 3D printed and entirely recyclable ! So, Drawn marks a turning point and is likely to be a forerunner, for the years to come ! No more single use decorations ! No more waste and pollution ! Soon, we won’t throw millions of lights and other Christmas decorations away anymore ! Instead, we will be able to reuse them, by remodeling and integrating them once again in the 3D printing process.

In any case, we really hope that this new production process will be used in the years to come and will definitively replace the old one ! Not only it would be eco responsible and environmentally friendly, but it would also allow Galatéa to create her Christmas decorations every year ! 😉

That’s it ! Now, you know everything about our Christmas lights !

Drawn and Galatéa wish you a very happy holiday season !

See you next year ! 😉

Hi everybody !


Last November 16th, Drawn had the pleasure to co-organize the first I Make A Dream (IMAD) conference !
Let’s go back on the event !

Drawn : Zoom in on the I Make A Dream association !


For those who don’t know this association, here are some explanations ! 😉

I Make A Dream is an association which gathers the 3D printing professionals in Rhône-Alpes region. It was founded by :

Additive 3D



3D On Demand


IMAD’s goal is to make the 3D printing accessible to everyone, by explaining it in a concrete way and with simple words. It also aims to highligh the sector main evolution, as for its challenges. Indeed, for the association, it is important to analyze and explain the 3D printing, to distinguish the myth from the reality. The I Make A Dream initiative’s purpose is also to deliver a 3D printing vision, different from the one conveyed by the technical and media speeches.

To carry out these various missions, the association decided to organize several actions.
The first one constitutes a thematic conferences cycle.

The IMAD conferences goal is to present the 3D printing with its advantages and its constraints, on a given theme, in less than one hour. They are addressed to a large audience as journalists, companies and institutions, as for private individuals and schools, can attend to them.


Drawn : Return to the First I Make A Dream Conference !


The first IMAD conference took place last November 16th, at the Rhône Chamber of Trades and Crafts.

Its theme was : « How does the 3D printing revolutionize our habitat ? » and dealt with the following sub-themes :

– The architecture models in 3D printing
– Free design from furniture
– Build homes in 3D printing, that’s possible
– Co-design one’s home with 3D modeling
– Fight against the planned obsolescence of our interior objects

A small size 3D printer was also exhibited and made various creations live.


This first edition dedicated to 3D printing, represents a wonderful inauguration and promises a beautiful future to our conferences cycle ! Indeed, the room was packed last monday !

Drawn-IMAD-Première-Conférence-Salle-Comble Drawn-I-Make-A-Dream-Première-Conférence-Salle-Comble

Drawn and all the association members warmly thank you for attending so largely the conference !

Thank you as well to the Rhône Chamber of Trades and Crafts for having received us !

Thanks to all of you, I Make A Dream had the opportunity to prove that innovation is also for and among artisans !

We hope that you will be a lot more next times because other thematic conferences are already in preparation !

So make time for the weeks and the months to come and stay tuned for more information ! 😉

And if you have loved our first conference, please sign in on our website to attend to the next ones !

See you soon on other I Make A Dream conferences ! ☺