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Hi everyone !

Today, Drawn was behind the microphone for TLM to introduce the “Great Stadium” lions !
Let’s come back to this interview !

The “Great Stadium” lions and the whole Drawn team were today before the cameras of the French channel of Lyon.

Thus, Sylvain came back to this big project, which represents a World First !
Indeed, it is the first time that such statues are made in 3D.

Drawn founder first showed how Galatéa makes the various pieces of the statues and gave some informations about the statues.
He then broached the size and the composition of the four lions.

Behind the microphone for TLM, Sylvain also spoke about what this project means for him and for his startup.

The workshop and the whole Drawn team were also under the spotlight, as we can see all the people participating in this huge project, working hard on the lions to come. As well as Galatéa. 😉

The first lion was thus revealed and currently takes center stage in the “Great Stadium” of the “Olympique Lyonnais” Park.
The three others will follow by April.

Without further delay, discover the interview below :

We want to warmly thank TLM and especially Clémence Delarbre for this interview !

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Hello everybody !

Today, Drawn and the “Great Stadium” lions have the place of honor in the “Locales” section of the 20 Minutes Lyon daily newspaper !

The Lyon daily newspaper has dedicated an article to the four lions of the “Great Stadium”.
Thus, it first introduces the first blue lion, which takes center stage in the north stand entrance.

He then comes back to this huge project, which represents a World First, as Sylvain tells to the newspaper,
“no such huge pieces have ever been 3D printed so far”.

Sylvain and the journalist Caroline Girardon also broach the course of the project, from its origins to its achievement.
The video presenting these four lions prototype, thus illustrates the article.

Finally, Sylvain comes back to its journey and to Drawn origins.
He concludes on his desire to make France « a true reference in large-scale 3D printing ».

To discover the whole interview (in French only), please visit this webpage. Otherwise, here is an overview :

Credits : 20 Minutes Lyon

Credits : 20 Minutes Lyon

Thank you very much to “20 Minutes Lyon” for this article !
The whole Drawn team is very proud to see her project having the place of honor !

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Hi everybody !

Today, Drawn has the place of honor on the German blog dedicated to 3D printing, !

In his article, Phillip Paul, one of the blog writers, first broaches Drawn origins and model.

He thus presents our offer, which includes ephemeral furniture and objects manufacturing, for a special event.
Once the event is over, these ones can be recycled and reintroduced in the production process.

So, the writer insists on the central place that eco-responsibility holds in our concept.

More generally, in its article the blog deals with all Drawn values, when it handles our eco-social, economical and eco-creative,
besides ecological project.

The blog concludes its article with the “Great Stadium” lions project and the first blue lion arrival.

It thus broaches the dimensions of each one of the statues and develops the economical and ecological character of the project.
Indeed, as Sylvain explains, this project implies no material waste and the delivery times only depend on the production and not transportation, since the “Great Stadium” is located nearby Drawn workshop.

Finally, Phillip Paul comes back to the production course and the statues composition, and announces that the red, gold, and white three other lions, will take center stage in the “Great Stadium” by April.

Thank you very much to 3D-DRUCKEN for this very comprehensive article !
It is a pleasure and an honor, to see Drawn cross the borders !

To read the article (in German only), please visit this webpage. Otherwise, here is as usual an overview :

Credits : 3D-DRUCKEN

Credits : 3D-DRUCKEN

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Hi everyone !

Today, Drawn is proud to announce that we made the marketing totem prototype, of spectacle trade
startup Netlooks ! Focus on this new project !

Drawn : Zoom in on the Netlooks startup !

Before speaking of Drawn role, let’s come back to the context !
For those who don’t know Netlooks, here are some explanations. 😉

Netlooks is a Nancy spectacle trade startup founded in 2014, which completely revolutionizes the optics market !

Indeed, its concept is based on a total personalization of the spectacle frames, from the colors and patterns, to the arms, through to faces. Thus, we can create our own personalized and unique spectacle frame, among a million of possible combinations.

Moreover, the spectacle frames are entirely made in France.
But what is really revolutionary, is above all the way to choose one’s glasses !

Indeed, it is based on the 3D modeling and fitting. Thus, after a particularly-functions tablet had recorded millions of data about your morphology, you can see all the spectacle frames of your choice, on your 3D avatar. In this way, you create your tailor made and suited spectacle frame, and you will see much more easily, if the glasses suit you or not.

No more ill-suited spectacle frames, chosen by default after long fittings !
With Netlooks, it’s now time for personalized, tailor-made, and local spectacle frames !

Drawn creates Netlooks’ marketing totem !

As the French newspaper “Vosges Matin” dealt with, to promote its innovative concept, Netlooks founder, Pierre Andrieu, decided to implement a marketing campaign based on a range of totems.

So, these are glasses-shaped goodies, frontage signs, and giants totems, which have been thought out by two students of the French school “ENSTIB” (which means Higher National School of Wood Technologies and Industries), as part of their final projet assignment.

From a cardboard, then digital and finally 3D model, Benjamin Degardin and Alexandre Lecocq have thus designed two totem prototypes : a scale model aimed at goodies and frontage signs, and a bigger model aimed at street marketing.

Thanks to the 3D printing, the totems can be custom-made and produced by the piece.
Thus, they can vary infinitely, as Benjamin Degardin precises.
So just as Netlooks glasses (with a million of combinations, we can almost speak about infinite, can’t we ? 😉 ) !
And since with the 3D printing, the creations can be melted and then reused in the production process, besides of being able to vary infinitely, these totems are also recyclable !

To make produce their prototypes, the two students wanted to work with an organization which thinks out its creations as the startup : customizable, tailor-made, based on the 3D technology, and local.

So, that is naturally that they chose Drawn, to make produce the giant totem model, aimed at street marketing. 😉
As for the scale model, it was made in the “Fab Lab” of Lorraine university in Nancy and in the Golbey “Labo”.

We warmly thank “Vosges Matin” for its article ! To know more on this project, feel free to read it (in French version only) !

Now, discover without further delay, the result of these two prototypes, in pictures ! :

Credits : Vosges Matin

Credits : Vosges Matin

Crédit : Vosges Matin

Crédit : Vosges Matin

We warmly thank Pierre Andrieu, Benjamin Degardin and Alexandre Lecocq, for having chosen Drawn as a partner, to make one of their marketing totem prototypes !
It was a pleasure and an honor to make a creation for a twin company, with its concept and its values.
Also between startups, it is normal to help each other ! 😉

Pierre Andrieu being satisfied of the prototype, we hope that other totems will be soon printed by our friend Galatéa !
Especially as more stores are to come … ! 😉

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We will return to you very soon for more news about Drawn !

Hello everyone !


That’s it ! It’s time for festive season ! The effervescence, the Christmas songs, the gifts purchase… And the holiday season means necessarily the Christmas decorations ! Every year, the streets are full of them and dazzle ! And this year, Drawn decided to participate in these illuminations, by making Christmas lights for the “Rue du commerce”, in Paris !

Drawn : 3D printed and entirely recyclable Christmas lights


This year, Drawn created Christmas lights dedicated to decorate the “Rue du commerce”, in the 15th arrondissement of Paris ! ! Full of diverse and varied stores, this street is always very lively during the holidays. So it is particularly decorated and lighted up by the storekeepers and thus plunge the visitors into Christmas magic ! Drawn loves the Christmas spirit ! It was therefore naturally that Galatéa wanted to make Christmas lights to light up THE street, which makes it revive every year !

Below you can admire her beautiful creations, hanging in the “Rue du commerce” :

Here are also the production pictures :

And for all local people who read this, maybe you had the chance to see our Chrismas lights for real ?! If so, don’t hesitate to tell us what you think about them, on the social networks ! We would be thrilled to know your opinion !

Drawn achieves a world first !


By making these lights, Drawn thus achieves a world first ! That’s right ! Before Drawn, no Christmas light was ever 3D printed and entirely recyclable ! So, Drawn marks a turning point and is likely to be a forerunner, for the years to come ! No more single use decorations ! No more waste and pollution ! Soon, we won’t throw millions of lights and other Christmas decorations away anymore ! Instead, we will be able to reuse them, by remodeling and integrating them once again in the 3D printing process.

In any case, we really hope that this new production process will be used in the years to come and will definitively replace the old one ! Not only it would be eco responsible and environmentally friendly, but it would also allow Galatéa to create her Christmas decorations every year ! 😉

That’s it ! Now, you know everything about our Christmas lights !

Drawn and Galatéa wish you a very happy holiday season !

See you next year ! 😉

Our original goal being to print some furniture, and Samuel having scripted the design protocol for a first stool, we fired up our newborn robot Galatea and gave it a try.

After about 10 days of tests at the plant, Sylvain felt that the day ahead of him might just be a great one for Drawn…

He prepared the machine, set up a camera, added some colour to the raw material – for the funky French touch -, and launched the process.

30 minutes later, 10 layers had been made, and everything was running smoothly !
The robot suddenly became a major attraction within the factory, with all workers, team leaders and even white collars working in the plant gathering around Galatea to admire it at work – they were truly hypnotized by the whole thing.

It did indeed end up being a fantastic day.

Our first printed piece of furniture was born.