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Drawn in the 20 Minutes Lyon daily newspaper !

Hello everybody !

Today, Drawn and the “Great Stadium” lions have the place of honor in the “Locales” section of the 20 Minutes Lyon daily newspaper !

The Lyon daily newspaper has dedicated an article to the four lions of the “Great Stadium”.
Thus, it first introduces the first blue lion, which takes center stage in the north stand entrance.

He then comes back to this huge project, which represents a World First, as Sylvain tells to the newspaper,
“no such huge pieces have ever been 3D printed so far”.

Sylvain and the journalist Caroline Girardon also broach the course of the project, from its origins to its achievement.
The video presenting these four lions prototype, thus illustrates the article.

Finally, Sylvain comes back to its journey and to Drawn origins.
He concludes on his desire to make France « a true reference in large-scale 3D printing ».

To discover the whole interview (in French only), please visit this webpage. Otherwise, here is an overview :

Credits : 20 Minutes Lyon

Credits : 20 Minutes Lyon

Thank you very much to “20 Minutes Lyon” for this article !
The whole Drawn team is very proud to see her project having the place of honor !

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