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Drawn in 3D-DRUCKEN !

Hi everybody !

Today, Drawn has the place of honor on the German blog dedicated to 3D printing, !

In his article, Phillip Paul, one of the blog writers, first broaches Drawn origins and model.

He thus presents our offer, which includes ephemeral furniture and objects manufacturing, for a special event.
Once the event is over, these ones can be recycled and reintroduced in the production process.

So, the writer insists on the central place that eco-responsibility holds in our concept.

More generally, in its article the blog deals with all Drawn values, when it handles our eco-social, economical and eco-creative,
besides ecological project.

The blog concludes its article with the “Great Stadium” lions project and the first blue lion arrival.

It thus broaches the dimensions of each one of the statues and develops the economical and ecological character of the project.
Indeed, as Sylvain explains, this project implies no material waste and the delivery times only depend on the production and not transportation, since the “Great Stadium” is located nearby Drawn workshop.

Finally, Phillip Paul comes back to the production course and the statues composition, and announces that the red, gold, and white three other lions, will take center stage in the “Great Stadium” by April.

Thank you very much to 3D-DRUCKEN for this very comprehensive article !
It is a pleasure and an honor, to see Drawn cross the borders !

To read the article (in German only), please visit this webpage. Otherwise, here is as usual an overview :

Credits : 3D-DRUCKEN

Credits : 3D-DRUCKEN

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