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Drawn presents its new 3D printer !

Hi everyone !

Today, Drawn has the honor and the pleasure to present its new robot, lent by the brand KUKA !

We have spoken about our project to create Galatéa replicas, for a long time now.
Well, know that, that’s it ! Galatéa finally has a little sister !

Smaller, lighter, and orange, Drawn presents its new robot, lent by the brand KUKA until the end of April !

Thus, this new 3D printer will help Galatéa to make Drawn creations !

In fact, her little sister has already created her first ASIT seat, on last February 9th !
And we can say that she made it in her image, since it is orange, white, grey and black !

This new robot also worked on the “Great Stadium” lions !
Thus, it has taken over from Galatéa, on one of the biggest Drawn’s project !

Her first two creations having been made successfully, we can say that this new 3D printer, succeeded in proving she is as efficient as her big sister !
So, no favoritism and no jealous ! 😉

We welcome this new robot and hope that it will perfectly fit in with the Drawn team ! 😉

Without further delay, we now let you discover Galatéa little sister, in video ! :

Thanks to KUKA, it is thus one of the biggest Drawn’s project which comes true !

So we want to warmly thank KUKA for lending us their robot until the end of April !
Thanks to them, not only a dream comes true but the production is progressing twice as fast !

We are really thrilled to have introduced you to Galatéa first little sister and we hope that dozens of others will be born soon !

In any case, when others will come, we won’t fail to let you know !

Stay tuned for more news about Galatéa and her little sister ! 😉

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We will return to you very soon !