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RMC – Drawn comes back to the path followed since Coup de coeur @ TrophéesPMEBougeonsNous in 2014


Trophées PME Bougeons-nous

Sylvain Charpiot – CEO Drawn @ RMC


Listen here :



Hi everyone !

Today, Drawn has the honor and the pleasure to present its new robot, lent by the brand KUKA !

We have spoken about our project to create Galatéa replicas, for a long time now.
Well, know that, that’s it ! Galatéa finally has a little sister !

Smaller, lighter, and orange, Drawn presents its new robot, lent by the brand KUKA until the end of April !

Thus, this new 3D printer will help Galatéa to make Drawn creations !

In fact, her little sister has already created her first ASIT seat, on last February 9th !
And we can say that she made it in her image, since it is orange, white, grey and black !

This new robot also worked on the “Great Stadium” lions !
Thus, it has taken over from Galatéa, on one of the biggest Drawn’s project !

Her first two creations having been made successfully, we can say that this new 3D printer, succeeded in proving she is as efficient as her big sister !
So, no favoritism and no jealous ! 😉

We welcome this new robot and hope that it will perfectly fit in with the Drawn team ! 😉

Without further delay, we now let you discover Galatéa little sister, in video ! :

Thanks to KUKA, it is thus one of the biggest Drawn’s project which comes true !

So we want to warmly thank KUKA for lending us their robot until the end of April !
Thanks to them, not only a dream comes true but the production is progressing twice as fast !

We are really thrilled to have introduced you to Galatéa first little sister and we hope that dozens of others will be born soon !

In any case, when others will come, we won’t fail to let you know !

Stay tuned for more news about Galatéa and her little sister ! 😉

And if you love Drawn creations, you can purchase them on our online shop !

Also join us on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, not to miss any info about Drawn !

And to know everything about Drawn story, please visit our website !

We will return to you very soon !

Tendance Technomade on Maison&Objet 2015

Drawn was displayed on trends exhibition at Maison&Objet 2015.

Vincent Grégoire from Nelly Rodi agency selected drawn creations to underline the technomade trends.

Bright colors were selected and became  attraction for trends experts during the show.

Take a look at the exhibition :

Parcours Tendance Technomade Maison&Objet Janvier 2015

Parcours Tendance Technomade Maison&Objet Janvier 2015

Drawn & Geekpicnic is alreadu a love story.

SFollowing the MakerFaireParis, Galatea got invitation to come in August to GeekPicnic in Russia in Saint Petersbourg welcoming 20000 persons in only 2 days! :

It happend last 9 and 10 of August.

We also came on russin social networks :

We have been working hard to make Galatea to cross the difficult russian customs, but the risk was too high, then drawn came with its ambassador loving speaking foreign languages (with his lovely french accent)

Of course, he came with galatea’s creation which were exposed and make a very high terest among russians!

2014-08-09 14.17.45

Sylvain loved to spend time in this cosmopolit environment…

Sylvain speaking all his know languages to explain galatea's process.

Sylvain speaking all his know languages to explain galatea’s process.

Let’s make you to travel a bit, Saint Petersbourg bridges opens each night :

Impressionnant, toutes les nuits, ces ponts qui s'ouvrent!

Wonderful these bridges opening at night in a nice ballet.

We also made russian organizers to travel a bit through some french delicatessen brought to share nice experience in the middle of afternoon:

Russian loved french cheese and wine (in the middle of afternoon! ;-))

Russian loved french cheese and wine (in the middle of afternoon! ;-))

Galatea starts to make 3d printed scenography!

Galatea worked hard to create the complete scenography of the theater play « La vie quoi! » played in Lyon on Acte 2 scene last 6 and 7 of July.

This play produced by Aurelie Kavafian was sold out at the 2 representation days.

Have a look at the teaserr :


here are some pictures of the work and furniture:

galatéa a travaillé d'arrache bras pour créer le mobilier de la pice de théatre la vie quoi

galatéa worked hard to print all scnery for the play!


3d printed furniture for theatre play in Lyon on July 2014

3d printed furniture for theatre play in Lyon on July 2014


Mobilier du al pièce La Vie Quoi! de Aurélie Kavafian

Furniture for play “La vie quoi!” – Aurélie Kavafian

Finally! Our first conclusive tests, after a full week of tweaking parameters and general troubleshooting!

Large-scale 3D printing follows the same 3 basic rules as regular, small-scale 3D printing :
– Have a good, sound machine
– Work well on your software
– And of course, procure quality raw material !

We tested 10 different raw material types before finding the most suitable one for our process and robot.

Here are our 3 first printed objects:

3 vases en différentes matières, le dernier sera totalement étanche!

3 vases made using different raw materials – the third one was finally water tight!

The first step in making Drawn a reality was obviously to put together our large-scale 3D printer.

This was done in collaboration with Laurent Martinez’s team, and the building and installation was successfully completed in a very short span of time!

The next crucial step was to convince those same people to program the robot in a way which seemed most unconventional to them.
Sylvain sure was a novice at the time, but he ended up teach the team a few subtle lessons in robotics!

Indeed, over the past months, Sylvain had accumulated a vast amount of experience and knowledge concerning the entire process he wished to set up – he certainly had all the skills required to pull it off!

Here is the assembled 3D printer, in its original colours:

parties montées de l'imprimante 3D grand format

parties montées de l’imprimante 3D grand format

Late last year, Sylvain exited a fund-raising interview in Lyon much later than he’d expected. He had no choice but to catch the next train back to Paris. Little did he know, he had, by doing so, created the conditions for an unexpected encounter.

Entirely by chance, he ended up sitting in the same coach as Arnaud Montebourg, and after a bit of very understandable hesitation, decided to strike up a conversation with him. Drawn was obviously on his mind, so he mentioned his beloved idea.

As a result, Arnaud Montebourg, then (and still now) Minister for Industrial Renewal in the French Government, put him in touch with a key partner who’d end up supplying him with the core piece of his soon-to-be large scale 3D printer, Galatea.

Redressement productif français

Rencontre 10 décembre 2013 – Arnaud Montebourg