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Drawn creates Netlooks’ marketing totem !

Hi everyone !

Today, Drawn is proud to announce that we made the marketing totem prototype, of spectacle trade
startup Netlooks ! Focus on this new project !

Drawn : Zoom in on the Netlooks startup !

Before speaking of Drawn role, let’s come back to the context !
For those who don’t know Netlooks, here are some explanations. 😉

Netlooks is a Nancy spectacle trade startup founded in 2014, which completely revolutionizes the optics market !

Indeed, its concept is based on a total personalization of the spectacle frames, from the colors and patterns, to the arms, through to faces. Thus, we can create our own personalized and unique spectacle frame, among a million of possible combinations.

Moreover, the spectacle frames are entirely made in France.
But what is really revolutionary, is above all the way to choose one’s glasses !

Indeed, it is based on the 3D modeling and fitting. Thus, after a particularly-functions tablet had recorded millions of data about your morphology, you can see all the spectacle frames of your choice, on your 3D avatar. In this way, you create your tailor made and suited spectacle frame, and you will see much more easily, if the glasses suit you or not.

No more ill-suited spectacle frames, chosen by default after long fittings !
With Netlooks, it’s now time for personalized, tailor-made, and local spectacle frames !

Drawn creates Netlooks’ marketing totem !

As the French newspaper “Vosges Matin” dealt with, to promote its innovative concept, Netlooks founder, Pierre Andrieu, decided to implement a marketing campaign based on a range of totems.

So, these are glasses-shaped goodies, frontage signs, and giants totems, which have been thought out by two students of the French school “ENSTIB” (which means Higher National School of Wood Technologies and Industries), as part of their final projet assignment.

From a cardboard, then digital and finally 3D model, Benjamin Degardin and Alexandre Lecocq have thus designed two totem prototypes : a scale model aimed at goodies and frontage signs, and a bigger model aimed at street marketing.

Thanks to the 3D printing, the totems can be custom-made and produced by the piece.
Thus, they can vary infinitely, as Benjamin Degardin precises.
So just as Netlooks glasses (with a million of combinations, we can almost speak about infinite, can’t we ? 😉 ) !
And since with the 3D printing, the creations can be melted and then reused in the production process, besides of being able to vary infinitely, these totems are also recyclable !

To make produce their prototypes, the two students wanted to work with an organization which thinks out its creations as the startup : customizable, tailor-made, based on the 3D technology, and local.

So, that is naturally that they chose Drawn, to make produce the giant totem model, aimed at street marketing. 😉
As for the scale model, it was made in the “Fab Lab” of Lorraine university in Nancy and in the Golbey “Labo”.

We warmly thank “Vosges Matin” for its article ! To know more on this project, feel free to read it (in French version only) !

Now, discover without further delay, the result of these two prototypes, in pictures ! :

Credits : Vosges Matin

Credits : Vosges Matin

Crédit : Vosges Matin

Crédit : Vosges Matin

We warmly thank Pierre Andrieu, Benjamin Degardin and Alexandre Lecocq, for having chosen Drawn as a partner, to make one of their marketing totem prototypes !
It was a pleasure and an honor to make a creation for a twin company, with its concept and its values.
Also between startups, it is normal to help each other ! 😉

Pierre Andrieu being satisfied of the prototype, we hope that other totems will be soon printed by our friend Galatéa !
Especially as more stores are to come … ! 😉

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We will return to you very soon for more news about Drawn !