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Hi everyone !


Today, Drawn is really proud to announce that we won the 2015 Artinov contest prize, in the “High Technology and Technology” category ! Back to the pictures !

Drawn : Zoom in on the Artinov contest !


For those who don’t know this contest, here are some explanations. 😉

Artinov is a contest organized by our local Chambers of Trades and Crafts. These ones select the craft firms, which distinguish themselves by their capacity to innovate. The Artinov contest includes four categories : « Trades », « Product », « Production Process » and « High Technology and Technology ».

Its main goal is to promote innovation and technological development in these companies. The contest then highlights a business plan, which is part of an economic development strategy.

Thus, Artinov offers to craft firms a regional notoriety and then allow them to be recognized with their clients and their partners.

Drawn : Winner of the 2015 Artinov Contest


As you know, Drawn distinguishes itself by its innovative concept : the production of 3D printed and entirely recyclable furniture.

Thus, we had the honor to be selected by our local Chamber of Trades and Crafts.

Today, Drawn is now nominated winner in the “High Technology and Technology” category !

So, I want to warmly thank the Rhône Chamber of Trades and Crafts for this award, which represents years of work and passion.

Thank you also for these wonderful trophy and diploma :


Thank you as well to “Le Progrès”, which honor us once again in an article about our victory !

If you want to read it, please visit this webpage. Otherwise, find as usual an overview below :


And for those who wouldn’t know very well Drawn yet, here is our presentation video, made on the occasion of the contest :

If you love Drawn, you can of course purchase our products on our online shop !

And feel free to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube… In short all our pages ! 😉

That’s it ! Once again, heartfelt thanks to the Rhône Chamber of Trades and Crafts !
We are very proud of this distinction ! Let’s hope that it’s only the beginning and that the next ones will flow ! 😉

We will return to you soon for more news about Drawn ! ☺

Hi everyone !

Drawn’s Kickstarter campaign ends today ! So, we would like to thank you for your support and your generosity, all along this adventure !

Drawn : what Kickstarter brought to us !

Thanks to you and to $ 30,000 you committed – so practically twice my aim ! -, Drawn has grown tremendously !

First of all, I had the opportunity to launch my first furniture and design items collection, in collaboration with talented designers. Then come the innovative materials, the very new creations and the participations in exhibitions, on which I had the pleasure to meet you ! All of this was possible thanks to YOU !

I particularly thank the numerous backers ! Special mention to US backers, whose participation was very generous ! As you know, we have been very busy by lots of projects since the campaign has ended but now, I hasten to offer you your rewards !
So, I am looking forward to meeting you and thanking you in person, around a Vegan dinner or a Yoga class ! As for Galatéa, she is very impatient to make your creations ! 😉

Thus, this Kickstarter campaign is also an opportunity for me to spend great moments with all the people who helped us to create and promote this project !

Thanks to all of you, Drawn is growing and my ambition to offer you personalized and environmentally responsible furniture, available in stores close to you, materializes a bit more every day !

For now, your contributions have allowed a mass production. Thus, we have been able to optimize our process for the seat and Galatéa has improved her productivity, since the time of production has been divided by two ! Once again, a big thank you !

Drawn’s Kickstarter Campaign : Back to pictures !

To make sure we conclude properly the campaign, relive it step by step, with images and videos !

First of all, the campaign backstage through its photo shoot :

Coulisses-Kickstarter      Drawn-Coulisses-Kickstarter

The launch of the campaign through its teaser :

Then, the first goal reached ! :


And finally, the extended goal ! :


Drawn : the adventure continues !

Now that the campaign is over, you could pursue helping me, by buying Drawn products on and by following us on our Facebook page.

I hope you will be a lot on social media, next inhibitions and my online shop !

We will return to you soon for more adventures ! Meanwhile, you can find Drawn and Galatéa on social media and elsewhere on the blog !


Hi everybody !


Last July 9th, Drawn had the honor to be partner of the Press Club of Lyon, on the occasion of “Les Têtes Chercheuses”.
As for Galatéa, she had the chance to print the ceremony trophies. Let’s go back on the event !

Drawn : Zoom in on “Les Têtes Chercheuses” !


If you don’t know this prize, here are some explanations. 😉

“Les Têtes Chercheuses” is an entrepreneurship prize in journalism, of which the 1st edition has been organized by the Press Club of Lyon and its region, on last July 9th.


This prize aim is to put under the spotlight innovative journalistic business projects, both editorially and economically. So, these ones must highlight innovative and sustainable positionings and business models.
Through “Les Têtes Chercheuses”, the Press Club of Lyon wants to support entrepreneurs in the creation of an innovative, sustainable new press, which puts the quality of information first.

“Les Têtes Chercheuses” thus rewards two journalistic business projects.
To be nominated winners, the editorial projects have to be innovative and built on a realistic business plan. They also must be submitted by exclusively Francophone media.

During this 1st edition, two prizes have been awarded : a “Start up” Prize and an Honor Prize. The “Start up” Prize rewarded a project or a company created for less than 3 years, still in priming stage. As for the Honor Prize, it rewarded an older firm, which has already proved the relevance, the originality and the efficiency of its editorial and economic model.

The two winners benefit from a support for the achievement of their project and a media visibility.

The “Start up” winner will be helped in his strategic development, in incubator, for 6 months.
He will also receive a legal support of € 10 000 worth.


Drawn, partner of “Les Têtes Chercheuses” !


Several institutions and companies were partners of this 1st edition and Drawn had the honor and the pleasure, to be one of them ! Indeed, this prize rewarding the innovation and being organized by a local institution, it is naturally that Drawn chose to support it !


Galatéa wanted to be partner of “Les Têtes Chercheuses” as well ! That’s why, she 3D printed the prizes trophies given during the ceremony, as well as the “Les Têtes Chercheuses” “logo” !
Thus, the ceremony was doubly devoted to the innovation ! 😉

Thank you very much to the Press Club of Lyon and its region for this partnership !

Drawn is very proud to have been part of this 1st edition of “Les Têtes Chercheuses” ! Just as Galatéa ! 😉

We hope we will have once again the honor to support “Les Têtes Chercheuses” during the next editions !

See you very soon for more news about Drawn and Galatéa ! 🙂

Hello everyone !

You have been waiting for them, dreamt of them… ?!
Drawn revealed the Blog Esprit Design contest results !

Blog Esprit Design Contest : Little reminder !

First of all, here is a little reminder of the context…

To support Drawn and its campaign on Kickstarter, “Blog Esprit Design (BED)” has launched in collaboration with us, a contest on last June 15. It was open from Monday 15 to Sunday, June 21, midnight and reserved for metropolitan France.

DRAWN Concours Blog Esprit Design

This competition allowed you to win a Drawn ASIT seat to a value of €240.
Thus, you had the chance to create a unique and personalized piece ! Once your creation was defined, you could determine the color of your choice with Sylvain !


This contest was digital and “connected”. To have a better chance to win, you had to share it actively on BED Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages ! So, we looked forward to your “sharings”, retweets and regrams !

And to increase your chances, you could participate on all the social networks !

Concours-Blog-Esprit-Design-FacebookConcours-Blog-Esprit-Design-Twitter   Concours-Blog-Esprit-Design-Instagram

Blog Esprit Design Contest : The results

After this little reminder, here are the results ! It is now time to reveal the name of the big winner !

Watch out… !! Drum rolls….. !!

And the winner is… Tristan di**** ! Tristan wins the contest following his participation of June 15 at 9:31, on BED Facebook page ! So, he wins his Drawn ASIT seat to a value of €240 ! This Drawn creation made by our friend Galatéa is unique and personalized !

Thanks to all of you for your participation !
Thanks as well to Blog Esprit Design, without whom the contest couldn’t have been organized !

And to thank them, Sylvain and Galatéa offered them their 3D printed logo, in Drawn colors !


And here it is, the Blog Esprit Design contest is officially closed !

Stay tuned for more contests, to try again to win a Drawn creation !

And for all the participants who fell for our creations and can’t wait until then, go shopping on our store ! ☺

If you love Drawn, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube… In short, all our pages ! 😉

We will return to you soon !

Bye !

Drawn is Special Prize of Trophées PME Bougeons-Nous RMC

On Thursday, October 16th, Drawn received the great Trophées PME Bougeons-Nous on live at RMC!

Drawn nommé en catégorie Jeune Pousse
Trophée PME bougeons-nous

See the video :

After an intense ceremony , such a surprise! Drawn became the favorite of Jean-Jacques Bourdin on RMC!

The show to receive our Prize was great and fun, in the spirit we founded and conduct Drawn!

Galatéa was a bit here when Sylvain offered the RMC 3D printed in exchange of the Trophée received by Jean-Jacques Bourdin, Vincent Moscato et Franck Lanoux.

Jeudi 16 Octobre - Espace Pierre Cardin - Paris
Thursday, October 16th – Espace Pierre Cardin – Paris
Echange de Trophées à la cérémonie - Le Logo RMC imprimé en 3D contre le Trophées PME Bougeons-Nous de RMC


Thanks again for this great organization and this wonderful award which underline the work done as far as now. And we know it is only the start!


Drawn is awarded in Trophée PME Bougeons-nous from RMC in startup category!

Drawn nommé en catégorie Jeune Pousse


Drawn is enhanced today in trophée PME Bougeons-Nous from RMC a famous radio in France in startup catégory.

Listeon to our presentation (in french) :

Or directly listen to here : 

Results will be released next October 16th during trophées celebration.

We are waiting to know if we will be endly selected, we would be so happy so!

MakerFaire Paris is now over.
What an amazing experience it was!
More than 650 of you participated in our contest, and many, many more kind and enthused people came over to congratulate us for our achievements. Thank you very much for everything!

What a great joy for both of us (Sylvain & Samuel, the creators of Galatea) to share our experiences with so many new acquaintances. These are the kind of pure joys only FabLab creators and Start-Upers can relate to : when you make a great idea come true with all your heart, the public gives it gack to you wholeheartedly…

Here are the Drawn Contest Results – Maker Faire Paris :

For the 5 vases:

  • Christophe Lebrun – age 25
  • Olivier Casse – age 34
  • Isabelle Philip – age 41
  • Seraphin Bonnaffe – age 25
  • Bernard Amoroz – age 62

For the 3 lamps :

  • Didier Guillemard – age 41
  • David Adoutte – age 40
  • Nicolas Lair – age 22

For the chair :

  • Sandrine De Moura – age 25

All winners received an SMS 15 minutes after their names were drawn…
We will shortly contact them to send them their prize.

Bernard Amoroz already got his one :

Gagnants d'un vase au Concours Drawn MakerFaire Paris

drawn vase contest winner
 @MakerFaire Paris