Drawn was exhibiting at LyonCityDesign with ERDF.

During 15 days, Galatea printed non-stop and on live some furniture and some urban bench created specially for the event .

Let’s have a look @ the video!

More info :

Hi everybody !

Last March 12th, Drawn had the honor to be behind the microphone for “Lyon Live” !

The French media specialized in Lyon innovation and its players, thus spoke with us about our concept and Drawn’s origins.

We also dealt with the current and future possibilities offered by Drawn and the 3D printing in general.

Moreover, we had the opportunity to talk together about our projects and Drawn’s future.

Thank you very much to “Lyon Live” and Amandine Dubiez for this interview !
We are really proud to be part of the Lyon innovation representatives !

Without further delay, we now let you discover the interview ! :

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We will return to you soon for more news about Drawn ! 🙂

drawn is very active to be ready for Lyon City Design.

This past week was the time ton install Galatéa in the heart of Lyon, in Part Dieu district.

A large amount of work needs to be done to adjust parameters to the new environment (outdoor under a tent).

drawn prepared also some surprises for design contest during the exhibit, please enjoy the video…

Tendance Technomade on Maison&Objet 2015

Drawn was displayed on trends exhibition at Maison&Objet 2015.

Vincent Grégoire from Nelly Rodi agency selected drawn creations to underline the technomade trends.

Bright colors were selected and became  attraction for trends experts during the show.

Take a look at the exhibition :

Parcours Tendance Technomade Maison&Objet Janvier 2015

Parcours Tendance Technomade Maison&Objet Janvier 2015

Hi everyone !

Today, Drawn has the chance to be in the TOP “23 reasons why 3D printing is capable of things, we have never imagined”, according to DOSE !

The website dedicated to the « stories worth sharing » has published today, its TOP “23 reasons why 3D printing is capable of things,
we have never imagined”.

From medical but also technological innovations, through unusual objects, to clothes, furniture or houses… in short, everything which is material (and in 3D, of course 😉 ) is in this top !

And Drawn creations have the honor to be part of it, since Drawn is the 8th reason put forward in this rank ! 🙂

At the same time, what other creations could as well represent the “furniture” section ?!
Drawn had to be part of this top ! 😉

Thank you very much to Dose website for this nice position in its rank !
It’s an honor to be considered as one of the proofs, of the extraordinary and unimaginable capacities of 3D printing !

To discover this whole top, please visit this webpage ! Otherwise, here is as usual an overview ! :


If you love Drawn, know that you can purchase our creations on our online shop !

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See you very soon for more news about Drawn !

Drawn is showing off on Fête des Lumières in Lyon

Drawn was a great attraction during Fête des Lumières in lyon this december 2014 :

  • At Mat’Electrique, official partner of Fête des lumières, chose to create a replica of the “veilleuse des Jacobins” right in its shop in the heart of Lyon! The main exhbition was shown at Place des Jacobins.Fete des lumières Lyon 2014
  • At the partners village during the show in the town :
Expo fête des lumières 2014


It was the first time for Drawn to show of locally in Lyon…

We wish to all a great Fête des Lumières and also a merry Christmas.

Drawn is Special Prize of Trophées PME Bougeons-Nous RMC

On Thursday, October 16th, Drawn received the great Trophées PME Bougeons-Nous on live at RMC!

Drawn nommé en catégorie Jeune Pousse
Trophée PME bougeons-nous

See the video :

After an intense ceremony , such a surprise! Drawn became the favorite of Jean-Jacques Bourdin on RMC!

The show to receive our Prize was great and fun, in the spirit we founded and conduct Drawn!

Galatéa was a bit here when Sylvain offered the RMC 3D printed in exchange of the Trophée received by Jean-Jacques Bourdin, Vincent Moscato et Franck Lanoux.

Jeudi 16 Octobre - Espace Pierre Cardin - Paris
Thursday, October 16th – Espace Pierre Cardin – Paris
Echange de Trophées à la cérémonie - Le Logo RMC imprimé en 3D contre le Trophées PME Bougeons-Nous de RMC


Thanks again for this great organization and this wonderful award which underline the work done as far as now. And we know it is only the start!


Drawn is awarded in Trophée PME Bougeons-nous from RMC in startup category!

Drawn nommé en catégorie Jeune Pousse


Drawn is enhanced today in trophée PME Bougeons-Nous from RMC a famous radio in France in startup catégory.

Listeon to our presentation (in french) :

Or directly listen to here : 

Results will be released next October 16th during trophées celebration.

We are waiting to know if we will be endly selected, we would be so happy so!

YES! 3 monthes old and already 3 show up = Now : Drawn @Paris Design Week

Drawn will present its creation to Now le Off! show during Paris Design Week!

Please come freely to visit Cité de la Mode et du Design – 34 quai d’Austerlitz, 75013 Paris from Sateurday Septembre 6th at  2:00pm to Saturday September 13th till 7:00pm

Please foolow that link for all detail :


Drawn à la Paris Design Week

We will be happy to welcome you at our booth to xhow you our process, our offer and present also our first line of furniture.

Moreover, during full week, we will be exposing some piece of furniture at  Chai Muraz which is 15 minutes walking from our exhibition.

On Friday September 12th, from 8:00 pm, we will celebrate this meeting week.

To receive invitation, you need to show up at our booth :




Drawn & Geekpicnic is alreadu a love story.

SFollowing the MakerFaireParis, Galatea got invitation to come in August to GeekPicnic in Russia in Saint Petersbourg welcoming 20000 persons in only 2 days! :

It happend last 9 and 10 of August.

We also came on russin social networks :

We have been working hard to make Galatea to cross the difficult russian customs, but the risk was too high, then drawn came with its ambassador loving speaking foreign languages (with his lovely french accent)

Of course, he came with galatea’s creation which were exposed and make a very high terest among russians!

2014-08-09 14.17.45

Sylvain loved to spend time in this cosmopolit environment…

Sylvain speaking all his know languages to explain galatea's process.

Sylvain speaking all his know languages to explain galatea’s process.

Let’s make you to travel a bit, Saint Petersbourg bridges opens each night :

Impressionnant, toutes les nuits, ces ponts qui s'ouvrent!

Wonderful these bridges opening at night in a nice ballet.

We also made russian organizers to travel a bit through some french delicatessen brought to share nice experience in the middle of afternoon:

Russian loved french cheese and wine (in the middle of afternoon! ;-))

Russian loved french cheese and wine (in the middle of afternoon! ;-))